"Deep within lies a real and everlasting joy. A human being is born to dive deep into the stream of life, find hidden treasure, and attain eternal fulfillment."

- Srimad Bhagavatam
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RYS 200 Yoga Alliance

We invite you to visit Yogshakti's beautiful new yoga centre located at:

   We have already moved to our new location - 23 jalan Damai
   [Please See Map]
   Centre: +60-3-42572714
   Shilpa: +60-12-2052714
   Marlene: +60-12-2511857
   Ample free parking

Located in the heart of the city, our center is truly a sanctuary that will inspire great peace & tranquillity.

Surrounded by lots of greenery, fresh air, the sound of water and birds, we now have the perfect environment for YOGA!

At Yogshakti we take pride in the fact that we remain true to the classical tradition of Yoga. We specialize mainly in Hatha Yoga or the classical Yoga form that is the basis or foundation of all other types of Yoga. We teach Yoga not just as a physical excercise form but as a way of life! Do come in and try a Yoga session with us.

We now offer nearly 20 classes per week which include: